Example: 8m² Scheffler Reflector

The power available from a Scheffler Reflector varies with the amount of direct sunlight available, and with the season of the year. The angle of the reflector towards the sun changes, and so does its interceptant area (aperture).

The available power from an 8m² Scheffler Reflector is given in the table below. Different efficiencies were determined for variouse setups and temperature ranges.

The 8m² reflector is the smallest one of the Scheffler Reflectors used for institutions and industries (12.6m² and 16m² are other comon sizes).

All data has been normalized for 700 W/m² and 900 W/m² direct solar radiation (typical lower and upper radiation levels)


insolation (direct radiation) :
700 W/m²

900 W/m²

at focus, 25° to 46°C
2.278 kW
2.918 kW
3.396 kW
75.5 %
2.928 kW
3.750 kW
4.367 kW
in vessel 18° to 41°C
1.976 kW
2.532 kW
2.946 kW
65.5 %
2.540 kW
3.253 kW
3.789 kW
up to boiling
1.720 kW
2.203 kW
2.564 kW
57 %
2.210 kW
2.831 kW
3.297 kW
4.31 m²
5.46 m²
6.4 m²

4.31 m²
5.46 m²
6.4 m²

Note: "in vessel" and "up to boiling" include losses because of secondary reflector, "up to boiling" includes additional losses to ambient

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