A Solar-Box-Cooker is perfect for baking small amounts. It`s great advantage: nothing will get burnt.



Reflector-cookers like the SK14 or the 2m² Scheffler-Reflector can be used for baking, too. The cooking pot (with an insert to keep a distance between pot a cake,etc.)serves as baking-oven.

8qm-ofen02 8qm-ofen03


To bake larger amounts comfortably a 8m² Scheffler-Reflector can be combined with a baking oven.In a village-bakery in Namibia this technology is already beeing used. http://www.ombili.home.pages.de/.

Presently we work on optimising this typ of baking-oven. One was installed in Aislingen in spring 2000 and it`s performance was tested throughout summer. Now it will be ameliorated.

8qm-ofen02 8qm-ofen03

8qm-ofen02 8qm-ofen03


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